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 - Step 1: Read and accept the forum posting brief

Freelance Forum Posting Briefing

Scope of Work:

Working as a freelance forum posting for We Love Forums, you will be responsible for filling orders of our potential clients. When orders come in we will process them and assign them to the most suitable writer. We will give you any special requirements and provide you with the necessary details for you to get started on your job.


It is expected that you are able to meet the following expectations that we have set out for all our writers:

- Completion of assigned work on time
- All posts must be well thought out before being made
- All posts must be double-checked for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors
- All posts must be related to the topic of the forum and conform to any special requests that we give
- It is expected that you fill the requirements that we give regarding new posts/topics/member numbers
- It is expected that you respond to any of our enquiries and that you provide us with your progress throughout the period of your work
- It is expected that you read thoroughly and understand the scope of the project before commencing work

Failure to comply may result in a suspension of work and/or a penalty* during payment.

Set Rules While Posting:

These are the rules that we have set out for when you are making posts and which you must pay extra attention to while posting:

- All of your posts have a minimum of 25 words
- You must not post in "general" or any other type of "spam" boards that are not related to the topic of the forum UNLESS otherwise stated
- You must NEVER mention that you are being paid to post on the forum and you must keep the anonymity of our clients

Failure to comply may result in a suspension of work and/or a penalty* during payment.


We will pay our writers at a fixed rate of $0.05USD per post through PayPal. You will be paid upon COMPLETION of work. At the time of payment deductions and penalties will be made and you will be informed of this.

My Responsibilities:

As an employer of your services, I will be responsible for giving you the necessary information to complete the projects on time and informing you of any special requirements. I am responsible for informing you if you are not abiding to any one of our guidelines and give you ample time to make amends before deducting penalties or suspension of work. I am responsible for making the final payments to you on time and respond to any enquiries that you may have about the project. I am also responsible to give you a fair chance to respond to any penalties that we may impose on your payment.


As a company that prides ourselves on the quality of our writers we are more than happy to graciously give bonuses to our writers when they deserve them. If we see that you fill the order with exceptional quality we will add a bonus or raise the payment per post for that specific project as a gratitude and recognition for your exceptional work.


Depending upon the severity of the rule that is broken and the frequency, will determine how the penalty will be deducted from the final payment. The standard penalty will be no payment for each post that breaks the rules.

 - Step 2: Think you have what it takes? Then contact us!